Soldier Civil War


  • Blacks Fought Well 7/64 Civil War Battle Tupelo Soldier Letter Slaves Slavery
  • Civil War Soldier Letter David R Everett 7th New Jersey Infantry Died 5/62 in Va
  • 3/63 Civil War Soldier Letter, Battle Chancellorsville, Bullets Touched My Hair
  • CIVIL War Pennsylvania Soldier Letter Lovettsville Maryland
  • May 10 1861 Letter Homeward Journey of First Union Soldier Killed in Civil War
  • Nov 1862 Civil War Soldier Letter Private Rufus P. Munyan, 18th Connecticut
  • 1862 Civil War R. I. Soldier Letter Desecration of Major Sullivan Ballou's Grave
  • Antique CIVIL War Soldier Letter 1864 Virginia Detailing Battle Of Cold Harbor
  • 1864 Civil War 2 pg Letter From Soldier Notifying a Father of His Son's Death
  • Letter from a Very Angry Union Civil War Soldier Camped at Arlington, Virginia
  • 1862 Civil War Confederate Soldier's Letter 500 dead Yankees -6th GA Infantry